Here at Promotigo, we choose who we work with very carefully, at all levels. None more so than when it comes to our infrastructure and support partners, where we are understandably very cautious!

After months of careful scrutiny, considering the many options available to us, we have elected to continue our relationship with Secura as a support partner for both our private and public cloud infrastructure. Secura will help to support our transition to the Azure cloud as well as providing first-line support for the platform.

From our perspective, the teams at Secura have proven themselves highly competent in supporting our business for the past four years. While that didn’t stop us from reviewing our options, as any progressive business should always do, we are delighted that they are able to continue that support as we move to the global scale solutions that Microsoft Azure can provide.

Of course, it helps to know that as well as understanding the technology they also understand our business. In turn, that allows faster and more effective decisions to be made based on years of knowledge gained by working closely together. There is always value in that.

In addition, the recent acquisition of Secura by Node4 has further strengthened the organisation’s position as a Microsoft partner. It has also expanded the Secura pool of technical knowledge and resources. We look forward to more years of effective collaboration.