Today it’s easy to assume that scaling a platform for global reach and capabilities is a simple matter of choosing the right cloud hosting partner and then setting it to auto-scale on demand. Well, there is some truth in that. Modern cloud hosting platforms do indeed allow us to build incredibly complex globally distributed applications and to make them respond to demands in a semi-automated way. In itself, that’s a massive leap forward in recent years. However, it’s not quite as easy as choosing the right cloud provider then sitting on a beach while the platform manages everything for you. Here’s why…

Data Harbour Laws
So, the first potential spanner in our machine is that different countries have different laws relating to data residency and where you can store or process data. For instance, China has very strict laws. At the time I write this, you must store data collected in China only in that region. You cannot export it. Italy, Russia and Australia each have their own laws regarding data residency that all demand careful consideration and architectural design within the platform to deal with the distributed data requirements.

Choosing the right cloud partner from the outset will have helped with some of those edge cases. But what happens when your partner has no data centre in the region where you need to host that data? The solution is to have a secondary tier of hosting providers that can deliver that localised presence – though this means your platform now needs to span more than just your cloud provider’s infrastructure. Engineering this distributed setup presents many challenges. And doing that with unknown scalability requirements can be a real headache.

Be right there with your customers
As you might imagine, we built Promotigo to cope with these and many other scaling challenges. We also continue to develop and improve how we architect and monitor our platform to deliver on both sides of the scale-versus-compliance equation. Our goal is to enable brands to be where their customers are in the most compliant and responsive way possible – while still taking advantage of the cost reductions and ROI increases that are at the core of the Promotigo concept.

If you need to deliver campaigns at scale globally and would like to know more – or want to talk about your specific scalability and geographic campaign challenges – then please do get in touch.